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This feature length love story is set in Los Angeles’s underground, barely legal, private exotic dancing world. Seen through the eyes of a new dancer and her driver, the film follows their journey as they reluctantly take “baby steps” deeper into a place of no return, towards a kind of life they never expected. They are guided by an experienced couple, who have become burnt out and trapped, by both their livelihood and each other, yet are unable to walk away from either.



Completed: 2006.




Written and Directed by Joe Wein


When Suzy decides that the Goldfish her 3rd grade

teacher has brought for all the children in her class need

to be reunited with their parents she takes matters into

her own hands. Liberation is her goal…at any cost.

This short film has garnered many awards including

the Audience Award in the 2007 Austin Film Festival and

has been officially selected for the Santa Barbara

International Film Festival and the Omaha Film Festival among others.  




Completed: 2006



Screenplay by Alex Kustanovich and Vadim Moldovan

Directed by Dana Lustig

Featuring: Dougray Scott, Jodi Whittaker, Emilia Fox and David Warner























A THOUSAND KISSES DEEP is an unsettling drama that cinematically captures and recreates the

psycho-analytic experience. Co-written by a psychotherapist, set and shot in London, England, this feature film takes Mia Selva on a journey back in time and memory into the arms of her former lover, Ludwig and into the abyss of family and love to redress a terrible secret.




MULBERRY CHILD (Documentary)

Based on a book by Jian Ping

Director - Susan Morgan Cooper













A story of one family’s trials and growth during China’s Cultural Revolution as seen through the eyes of Jian Ping who was born in 1960 and whose emotional and political consciousness was formed throughout the 1960s and 70s.


For more information: http://www.mulberrychildmovie.com/




Based on the novel by Martyn Bedford ‘The Houdini Girl'

Adapted by Kfir Yefet and Francesca Brill

Co-produce by Kate McCreery and Guy Shani


When Red, a professional magician charms the wild and impulsive Rosa into his life, he doesn’t realize that Rosa will turn out to be the ultimate magician.  Her mysterious death takes him on a dangerous journey from London to Berlin to discover the secrets of her life and learn that magic only part of the act of love.  Misdirection can be deadly.


In Post-Production:



Director Topaz Adizes - Estimated completion Q1 2016.



In Pre-Production:



Based on three Novels by Deon Meyer – ‘13 Hours’, ‘Devil’s Peak’ and ‘7 Days’

Screenplay by Malcolm Kohll


‘13 Hours’ kicks off with Detective Inspector Benny Griessel, six months after drying out, his first day back at work, hoping to resume his former life with his wife, Anna. Until an American doctor, Rachel, goes missing and her friend has her throat cut. Benny careens between two crimes which he believes to be interlinked, and in the process gets close to Alexa, a murder suspect, who is also a beautiful and seductive alcoholic, who tempts Benny in more ways than one. In 13 Hours, Benny’s life is turned upside down, and he’s tempted to find solace in the only dependable thing in his life – alcohol


‘Devil’s Peak’ finds Benny back in the gutter. He is thrown out of the family home by his long-suffering wife, Anna. He is told that he has to dry out and clean up if he wants to have any chance of resuming his family life. Into this world comes Christine, a hooker with a story to tell, and Artemis, a black vigilante, trying single-handedly to right the wrongs in his fractured society. The cops are hot on his trail until Benny’s daughter Carla is kidnapped by a Colombian drug lord, as the three storylines converge in a shattering climax.


‘7 Days’, the final of part of the trilogy plays out, with Benny and Alexa trying to find a way through their troubled lives, while dealing with the murder of Hanna Sloet, and the chilling threat that a policeman a day will be shot until her killer is brought to book…



In Development:



Based on a book by Gavin Angel 'Memoirs of a Bush Doctor'

Screenplay by Malcom Kohll


Bush Doctor is the story of Glen Samuels, a young Jewish South African white man who is studying to become a medical doctor.  His future seems assured – he just has to complete his year of Community Service to get his degree and then marry the lovely young daughter of a successful surgeon to seal his place in society.  When he is sent to the Mpumalanga bush hospital of Ingwe, his life’s calling takes a startling turn in the form of Thobiso, a black African Sangoma, who has been waiting for him all his life as the ancestors have foretold.



MINE ENEMY (Feature)

Based on a book by Aharon and Amalia Barnea 'Mine Enemy'

Screenplay by Peter Woodward


Mine Enemy is a best selling book from the 1980’s. It was written after the first Isreali-Lebanon War by Israel’s top television journalist. It is the story of Aharon Barnea and his wife Amaila’s relationship with Sala Tamarai (now mayor of Bethlehem, then a leading Palestinian terrorist) and his wife Princesss Dianne of Jordan (ex-wife of King Hussein). Mine Enemy, in its examination of Dianna’s quest to free her husband from Ansar and Israeli Prisoner of War Camp with the aid of Aharon and Amelia, takes us from the halls of the Israeli Cabinet to mountainous Palestinian Strongholds. In telling the all too human story of two couples reaching across the physical and cultural barriers of the time, Mine Enemy allows us to examine the troubled Middle Eastern Conflict of today.




Based on the Novel By Sheri Reynolds 'A Gracious Plenty'

Screenplay by Susan Ruskin


Set in a small southern American town, A Gracious Plenty is a gentle magical comedy about love, loss and rebirth. Twenty-five year old Finch is a young woman whose destiny  changed  when she was badly burned as a small child. Finch turned herself into a recluse to avoid the derision of other children. Upon her mother’s death when she was fourteen, Finch discovered her “gift”- Finch can see and talk to the dead.When her father dies some years later, Finch takes over  his job as the cemetery groundskeeper. Now she  happily spends all of her time among her dead friends. Finch learns many things from the dead that the living should have taught her and she becomes a voice for their unfinished business in the living world.Ultimately Finch is forced to make a decision between the living and the dead.  If Finch decides to embrace life she will have to give up everything that is safe and comforting to her. If Finch chooses her friends in the cemetery she will give up all hope of finding someone real to hold  in  her arms.



BLOOD OATH (Feature)

Story, Screenplay and Directed by Simon Van Der Borgh

Co-Producer by Jonathan Rawlinson


A British man searches for his brother in the Australian Outback. The probability of finding him alive diminishes with each setting of the blistering sun.



COOL GREEN ( Feature)

Screenplay by Eyal Sher


Silicon Valley, young and innovative, is trying to defy the power of oil with new clean energy and love.




Screenplay by Ivor Powell


Echoes of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set against the chaotic occupation of Baghdad during the summer of 2003. Angels over Babylon is a powerful and tragically moving love story.















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DVDCover cropped


Written and Directed by Dan Peterson

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