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About us

Our mission is to engage the audience in a dialogue that causes them to examine their basic assumptions about life. Tomori's films will raise fundamental questions, yet provide no easy answers.


Our films will move people to laugh, cry, and even scream along with our characters. Through stories that transport them to new places and life experiences, our audience will participate in a world larger than their own.


Spending time with our characters, the audience will see their own lives with fresh eyes.  It is not our goal to preach, but rather to entertain and, through the simple medium of the moving picture, take people on a journey that will have an impact long after the lights go up.


Established in 2005, Tomori Films has developed relationships with filmmakers all over the world, raising financing for the development of some twenty five projects to date and the production and distribution of feature films, TV programs, one documentary and one short film.  We have collaborated with Junction Films, Pierce Williams Entertainment, Metrodome Distribution, Lev Films and Cinemas, Triumphant Pictures and Goldcrest Films to name a few.  Our films were screened and won awards in Film Festivals including Tribeca, Austin, Palm Springs, Chicago, Raindance and Oxford, and one of our film was nominated for BIFA (British Independent Film Award).




Starting in 2013 Tomori Films' board decided to dedicate 25% of it's efforts to create pro bono media for non-profit organizations.  These activities are done via 'Media4Cause' organization.  The company dedicates its volunteering efforts in four major areas:


  - Worldwide Peace and the effort to reduce violence and hatred in the world

  - The fight to eradicate poverty and the efforts to bring food, medical aid and   education to the world's poorest societies

  - Woman rights and their fight for equality

  - The effort to preserve the world's environment and natural habitats


As part of its contribution in creating such media, Tomori Films dedicates 25% of its executives' time and 25% of its profits to projects it selected to undertake.  Non-Profit Organizations (NGO's) are welcomed to submit applications for Tomori Films' involvement if their efforts focused in these areas.  In the last years Tomori Films has created numerous projects for multiple NGO's including Peaceworks, OneVoice, Generals for Peace and Kickstart.org.